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Will Not Comply

Will Not Comply

The constitution… Not just an archaic document that has outlived its usefulness. It sets forth inalienable rights that can not be taken away. We are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic! Yet, our leadership seems to fail us at every turn. Our rights are not subjective.

The Second Amendment is clearly in their sights. Our right to defend ourselves and our families doesn’t seem to matter. Bans and registries turn law abiding citizens into criminals overnight, while the true criminals devour our major cities. Is this all by design? Are we, the law abiding citizens, the bump in the road to a dystopian future?

The good news is that patriots across this great nation of ours are simply not having it. Gun registries are going ignored. Citizens are standing up to the very laws that threaten their freedom and liberty. Peaceful protest in the form of noncompliance is seen everywhere. The silent majority is growing and taking this country back!

Washington DC is filled with people who seem to hate America. The hard working, salt of the Earth folks simply will not be bullied any longer. They are the group that does not resort violence. They keep their cool while they navigate a hostile political environment. We would love to see the day everyone realizes we are not against each other. This divide is a construct of control. That those who seek to point out differences only seek to manipulate. We are all Americans regardless of any other external factors. Once we internalize this and stop ourselves from being pawns in a global game of chess, we will relinquish their power and put it back in the hands of We The People!

Dave P

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