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A Not So Civil War On The Horizon?

A Not So Civil War On The Horizon?

There is no arguing the fact our country is in a fragile space. We have never been more divided by so many issues as we are now. Opinions constantly clash and oppositions draw serious lines in the sand. Are we headed toward an actual Civil War part two? If so, what would that really look like and how would it pan out?

It is really difficult to say what the side would even be if another Civil War were to break out. Would it be citizen against citizen? Government against citizens? Region against region? State against state? Or would it begin with government parties fighting against each other? There are a ton of options for this scenario to play out. None of which would be great for our country. 

There aren’t too many out there who disagree with the feeling we need some change. The separation between the haves and have nots grows bigger by the day. There is an electricity in the air that is palpable and points to some kind of radical change. What this change comes in the form of is anyone's guess. We hope it stays peaceful and creates its momentum through ideas not violence. 

The future holds many uncertainties. We are all struggling to just make it through day to day. With struggle comes frustration. It is when the frustration bubbles over that change must occur. We are all ready for change. Change for the better. System reform that speaks to the people and not just protects those in charge. Stay peaceful people! Exchange ideas that build rather than destroy. God bless America.

Dave P

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