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Concealed Carry VS Open Carry

Concealed Carry VS Open Carry

There are a lot of states that are adopting constitutional carry. This is a right the constitution does afford every law abiding citizen. With these new adaptations comes some pretty serious considerations. Just because you are permitted to carry a firearm, should you? And, if you choose to carry, should you choose to open carry or conceal?

We would never suggest anyone who is legally able to carry a firearm shouldn't. But, the decision to carry should not be taken lightly. This is a huge responsibility you are choosing to accept. The very first thing you need to choose is the firearm itself. Something you are comfortable training with. And, you should be training A LOT! Next, you will need to choose good quality carry insurance. These are a ton of these out there, so do your homework.

Now we get to the meat of the discussion. Should you open carry or conceal carry? This is entirely up to you. All we can say from our point of view is that we feel it is much better to have the element of surprise in a situation rather than cowboying it up with your six-shooter on your hip for all to see. The reality is that carrying a firearm openly brings a lot of unwanted attention. Especially in an emergency situation.

We think the best bet is to conceal carry. We like IWB at the five o’clock position. As we carry one in the pipe, our brain tells us that the appendix carry is psychologically out. Pointing a loaded weapon at our junk just seems counterproductive. Always remember that with this right comes great responsibility. Take this decision very seriously and TRAIN, TRAIN and TRAIN some more!

Dave P

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