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Eclipsing The Eclipse

Eclipsing The Eclipse

It seems the lore surrounding this year's eclipse is bigger than the celestial event itself. We hear a lot of chatter about the meaning behind the alignment. Everything from Biblical Prophecies being fulfilled to massive earthquakes being triggered to C.E.R.N. being fired up and some outrageous blackhole swallowing all of humanity.

As we write this, we stare out the window and notice something. Birds chirping, sun shining and life unfolding as it does any other day. For some reason, we humans feel the need to run around screaming about the sky falling. The end being nigh. We have a desire to predict the unpredictable. Giving cryptic meaning to events is encoded in our very being. 

So we wonder… Are the dead going to rise today? Will the seas boil and will blood drip from the walls? Is there going to be some cataclysm that shakes the very foundation of our reality? Or will there just be an eclipse like the ones that have happened over and over again? Likely, the latter. 

Enjoy this event, don’t fear it. There is no debate. We live in a very strange time. Our world has never been more fragile both socially and economically than it is today. But, adding to this already dismal reality with end of the world rhetoric certainly doesn’t help anyone. That said… We will definitely be in our bunker, hunkered down and ready for the apocalypse. Better safe than sorry! 

Dave P

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