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Death And Taxes

Death And Taxes

There is nothing better than working months out of the year just to feed the bloated federal and state governments your hard earned money. Taxes for us average folks are unavoidable. What was that about the only two certainties in life being death and taxes. What about being taxed to death? Are they just trying to skip a step? Is this the one time ever a government agency is actually being efficient? 

This tax season has been a straight kick to the old satchel. We get it and we feel it. People that usually got refunds are actually owing taxes this year. As all that tax revenue is steam shipped away to far off lands, we sit holding the bag. It all seems pretty irresponsible on the part of leadership, especially given the current economic climate.

What choice do we have? Can we simply stop paying taxes? Um, no… As romantic as going full gorilla on the government sounds, the reality is prison sucks. They have us all in a pretty tight headlock and show no signs of relenting. 

So, maybe we all go off grid. Start some hippie commune where we all trade services, grow excess amounts of body hair, ditch the deodorant and everyone gets a participation award. Somehow, the potential solution sounds even worse than the problem. It looks like we are left with the proverbial ankle grab with a big smile on our faces. Maybe someday the system changes, but until then it all feels pretty stuck.

Dave P

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