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The Scotch, Whisk(e)y and Bourbon Paradox

The Scotch, Whisk(e)y and Bourbon Paradox

While the color may be similar, the flavor profile of these beauties are very different. Let’s explore the wonderful world of Scotch, Whisk(e)y and Bourbon. 

Scotch Whisky: Ahhh… The water of life. This is the original gangster of the bunch. Hailing from Scotland where the terrain is rough, the weather is harsh and the spirits are bold. Proper Scotch Whisky will fall somewhere on a spectrum from mild and almost sweet to a campfire bomb of peaty smoke. Definitely reserved for more discerning palates. Just don’t order a single malt on the rocks when in Scotland. You will regret it.

Whisk(e)y: This is the stuff of legend. Distilled in the backwoods during prohibition, the white lightning or rot gut was trucked all over by bootleggers. The original moonshine was a slurry based mash usually made from grain, often corn. It was clear and extremely potent. Many a man met their match when going toe to toe with this slice of Americana.

Bourbon Whisk(e)y: By definition, this must be manufactured in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Fingers out when sipping this nectar. Usually aged in charred wooden barrels, which gives it its unique complex flavor profiles and darker color. Single barrel versions can get quite expensive. 

Now you know the difference between these similar spirits. You can go out into the world with great confidence knowing these subtleties. We will see you there, ponied up at the local watering hole ordering two fingers of a single malt. We will smile and nod with pride and admiration. Cheers…

Dave P

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