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Severe Weather Preparedness

Severe Weather Preparedness

Right out of the gate 2024 is proving to be an active severe weather season. There is nothing you can do to stop an oncoming storm. Damaging wind, torrential downpours, large hail and destructive tornadoes are what many face especially during spring. The key is to not be scared, but to be prepared!

You want to be weather-ready. Keep an eye on the forecast and know what could be headed your way. Check for local watches and warnings and know the difference between the two. Having a NOAA Weather Radio is a fantastic and inexpensive way to stay informed.

Signing up for notifications on any weather apps you choose to get is simple. You can set parameters on the alerts to customize what you are being warned about. Having a heads up on anything headed your way is an invaluable tool. 

Having a shared plan with your family and neighbors is also important. Knowing that in the face of any natural disaster a communication plan is established will give you peace of mind. Have a meeting place designated that is safe and allows your group to reconvene after any emergency event occurs. This plan should be practiced! Don’t forget to include your pets for these drills, as well.

Once these few simple steps have been taken, you can feel much more prepared in the event of an emergency. Keep your weather radio charged. Keep a flashlight and shoes handy by your bed. Keep an eye on the sky and everything will be just dandy…

Dave P

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