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The Great Hotdog Debate

The Great Hotdog Debate

Full disclosure… We grew up on Chicago Style Dogs. All beef franks smothered with onion, the iconic neon green relish, tomato, sport peppers, pickle, celery salt and mustard. All wrapped in a steamed sesame seed bun. There is a rule though. Unspoken and yet a clear line drawn in the sand. Under no circumstance is ketchup to go anywhere near this delight - unless you are five years old or younger. 

If you’re from the east coast you will likely favor the classic Coney Dog. This is a simple yet elegant offering. All-beef chili, a handful of raw onion and yellow mustard. The chili is often just a little sweet to go with the spicey and the sharp raw onion contrasts well. These boys can be a little heavier than their midwest counterparts. 

Heading out to the west coast where they do everything just a little differently. Let’s take a look at the Sonoran Dog. Buckle up for this ingredient like and if you’re a purest, this is harsh. These strange concoctions sport pinto beans, tomatoes, green salsa, jalapeno, mayonnaise, avocado and cotija cheese. A serious mouthful just to say and even more to take down. 

No matter where you land in the great ‘best hotdog’ debate, you’re a winner. All of these are delicious. Regional bias probably plays more of a role than anything else. Get out there and take a leap well out of your comfort zone and gobble up these culinary masterpieces.

Dave P

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