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The Cutting Edge: What Knife Do You Need?

The Cutting Edge: What Knife Do You Need?

Perhaps one of the oldest tools around, the humble knife has certainly come a long way. We understand this obsession - being men of the blade. The visceral elegance and primitive ingenuity all blended into modern technology. So many choices. So many roles to fill. How can one person even choose just one knife? Damn near impossible, we would say…

When choosing a knife there are a few considerations to make. Is this going to be a knife you carry in your pocket or are you relying on it to survive in the wilderness? Will just open Amazon packages or will it strike a Ferro rod and keep you alive? There are an endless number of steels to choose from, countless manufacturers, a dizzying array of styles and price points to match any budget.

Within this landscape of pure confusion and boundless options lies your perfect knife. First and foremost, you must identify the role the knife will play in your life. Most of us purchase them as an ETC - Everyday Carry - option. So, daily tasks with no real hard punishment are most likely. Probably not going to be feather sticking or bush crafting with this. It could always be used as a defensive tool, so keep it sharp. You should be looking to spend $80 - $200 on this. Companies like Benchmade and Spyderco are great and readily available.

At the end of the day it will all come down to personal preference. Your preference on what the blade looks like, how it feels, what steel to choose, how much to spend and how you will use it all play their parts in making your decision. Stay sharp and let us know what you carry!

Dave P

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