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Shotgun Load Selection

Shotgun Load Selection

The shotgun is absolutely one of the most versatile platforms around. From the humble Remington 870 to the Benelli M4, shotguns have stood the test of time as a battle proven weapon everyone should own!

Whether you choose a pump action, semi-auto or break barrel over / under, you mean business. In the realm of personal defense the shotgun reigns supreme. This is a force multiplier and a conflict ender, for sure. The only choice that really needs to be made is load selection - and we are here to help!

Bird Shot: Of course you can use this for its intended purpose of hunting birds and small game when the apocalypse hits, but at short distances these loads are still devastating. 

Buckshot: This load definitely ups the ante. These are good for larger game in a hunting scenario and as a personal defensive load is extremely impressive.

Slugs: These little cannon balls are deadly. With practice reaching out to 100 yards accurately is no issue. Take these to a fight against a Grizzly Bear and feel confident. 

Exotic Loads: There are all sorts of strange new loads like Dragon’s Breath, Bolo Rounds, Flechette Shells and even Flashbang Rounds. Most seem pretty gimmicky to us - not that we’d want to get shot by any of them! 

Less Lethal: Hard pass on this stuff. Rubber balls and beanbags may seem like a good option, but if you are in a life or death situation and you’re pointing a shotgun at an assailant, peppering them with rubber balls in hopes of hurting their feelings enough that they leave you alone isn’t our idea of a viable option. 

We have given you a lot to think about here. All this really comes down to your personal needs. What do you need to accomplish? What are your surroundings? What are you comfortable with? There is a reason that law enforcement and the military all use shotguns. They are user friendly, reliable and ultimately effective tools every household should own.

Dave P

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