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If You Want Peace, Prepare For War

If You Want Peace, Prepare For War

This is an old adage that dates back to Roman times. It is pretty simple. In order for an atmosphere of peace to be cultivated, you must be prepared to defend yourself against aggression. It is in this preparedness that peace can be found.

Respect should never be given. Respect must be earned. Carrying yourself with confidence can be the very best deterrent of aggression. Don’t be a bully, but don’t take any guff either. When you feel prepared to deal with any given situation with the proper response, you don’t seem like a victim to those who wish to harm you. Confidence goes a very long way!

A perfect example of this is the Spartan culture. They certainly earned respect. They did not back down against the mighty Persian army, even though they ultimately lost. Their mentality of never being turned into a slave and never bowing before a power they did not see as worthy left them a very strong people. They didn’t do much else other than prepare for war. 

We guess the takeaway here is simple. The world can be a very aggressive place. Around every turn seems to be those who wish you harm laying in wait. The more you carry yourself with confidence and project that to the world, the safer this world becomes. Being prepared for war can mean so many things to different people. But, the underlying thread that binds them all is a genuine desire for freedom. Freedom from fear and tyranny and the right to the pursuit of happiness. So, walk quietly, but carry a big stick…

Dave P

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