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State Of Our Union

State Of Our Union

Everything is just fine. This is what we keep hearing from those blow hard bureaucrats in DC. Perhaps everything is fine when your $150K a year salary has somehow made you worth $25M in a couple years. But, for us average people, working people, struggling people, things are very much not okay.

We pay more at the pump. We pay more at the store. Our utility bills are outrageous. Any hope of saving for a rainy day is almost impossible. Our border is a joke. The world views us as weak. The United States of America, weak! The greatest, strongest, built for speed country on the entire planet is viewed now as weak. Our leadership from top to bottom may be weak, but the American people are nothing of the sort!

Every God fearing, red-blooded American, despite where you came from, ended up here. Bleeding red, white and blue! The silent majority. Silent not out of weakness, but rather out of respect. Knowing those who they disagree with have every right to voice their opinion. Knowing it is not their job to police thought. 

There is a buzz in the air. A resurgence of patriotism that hasn’t been seen since 1776! Love this country. Love the freedom it affords you. Love the opportunity it provides. Never forget that the pulse, the life blood of its very existence is within us all. God bless America.

Dave P

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