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Rallying The Troops

Rallying The Troops

Truckers are the backbone of this country. The important role they play in the everyday functioning of our society is often overlooked. From a pack of gum to the building materials for a nuclear sub, it likely showed up on a truck. They endure endless lonely stretches of highway to ensure we all get to guzzle our caramel mocha coffee whatever’s down our eager maws. When they have something to say, we should listen!

Truckers have become an amazing political BS barometer we all need to pay more attention to. They stand for freedom and hard work - the things that make this country great! Now they are putting tires to asphalt and heading in record numbers to protect the very sovereignty this country was built upon. Standing up for those who need support. For those who are seemingly being left behind. The silent majority.

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Like a mountainous storm racing across the plains, the convoy heads, flags held high, to the heart of the American dream’s burning embers. Patriotism barely encompasses the depth of their constitution. Where those who swore an oath to defend have failed, these modern minutemen are freedom’s last hope. With no reservation, unapologetic and a true inspiration to every red-blooded freedom lovin’ American son-of-a-bitch who ever slapped lips to a cold one after a hard day's work… They hold the line.

God Bless America.

Dave P.

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