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Two Sets Of Rules : Our Government Sucks

Two Sets Of Rules : Our Government Sucks

Rules for thee, but not for me… Anyone else feel like the regular Joe’s out there are governed by a set of rules that don’t seem to apply to the ‘Ruling Class’ establishment types? We were under the impression that, for the most part, laws were designed to govern the citizens of this country equally. That justice is blind and individuals can’t hide behind fancy titles to avoid prosecution of crimes.

This probably isn’t anything new. Watching government officials that make $120K a year retire worth $120M. The stock market can be a very friendly place when you control the regulations from your ivory tower. Firearms violations, drug charges, insider trading and just about anything else that would get you and me thrown in prison seems to be overlooked for these folks.

When do we draw the line? Can we even draw the line? When the very people committing the crimes are the one who would need to both hold themselves accountable and prosecute themselves, little hope can be found. 

The system is rigged. Nobody can deny this. It favors those in power and protects them from criminal prosecution. How this is tolerated is well beyond this writer's grasp. But, we the people seem helpless in this clown show that is our government. We hope and pray someday this will change. 

Dave P

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