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Diluting America

Diluting America

We are all about our country being a melting pot where hard working people come to make a better life. It is an incredibly difficult decision to uproot your entire existence to chase the American dream. When someone comes here legally and goes through the process of becoming a citizen, they should be given every opportunity this great country offers. They have shown respect for our great nation and should be welcome with open arms.

So, where is the line drawn then? At what point does a normalized invasion of our country become an issue? We would say right around the time criminal elements come flooding over the border and begin to cause irreparable harm to the citizenry. It would appear that has been the standard for quite some time now.

The dilution of America has been ongoing for a long time. Traditional values are attacked and replaced with radical beliefs reinforced by an agenda filled government and media. Toxic elements are given the spotlight and the brainwashing of the youth seems to be a main focus. Gender becomes a passing fancy of mood and being a real man with values is looked on like some sort of plague.

We stand at the breaking point. One kindergarten drag show away from tipping into the abyss. People are made sick and dependent. Civil liberties are stripped from law abiding citizens. It becomes harder and harder to stand up to the mob. But, to this we say, “No way!” We will firmly stand our ground of moral fortitude that reflects the values instilled upon us. We will not bend to the woke world. We accept any and all with open arms who come here to make this country a better place. We are willing to defend our beloved country and the American way!

Dave P

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