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Bug In VS Bug Out

Bug In VS Bug Out

It seems one of the big shiny toys in the prepper arsenal today is a bug out location. That cabin in the mountains that’s completely off grid. It’s filled with years of food, water, guns, ammo and everything you would need to ride out any disaster…  The only issue is just how out of reach this is for the average person.

It is hard enough to gain a respectable stockpile to keep in your own home, let alone doubling the output to fill a bug out location. We all dream of this. The disaster hits and your neighbors are panicking. Cool and collected, you pack up the family and bid farewell to the unprepared masses setting your sights on your private utopia.

The first issue with this, besides just being able to afford such a getaway, would be the travel aspect. Depending on where you’re leaving from, the roads may end up being a very congested and dangerous place. Traffic jams, any mechanical failure or flat tire, running out of gas or even bandits could derail this plan pretty quickly.


Obviously, if you are in a major city and disaster strikes, getting out would likely be your best option. Having a plan to execute as quickly as possible before everyone else even has a chance to react would be preferential. But, if you live in the burbs and have decent survival supplies in house, bugging in may be your best option.

The real reason people prep, as we see it, is the one major advantage it provides. When all hell breaks loose and people are scrambling to scrape together whatever meager supplies they can. While people fight to the death at the grocery store for the last rolls of toilet paper. While the overwhelming anxiety of the situation turns normal people into animals… We who prepped can sit back and let the insanity unfold choosing not to participate in the madness. We will absolutely be bugging in, no question. But, if you happen to possess that fully equipped bug out cabin in the mountains and want to extend the invite, we will see you there! 

Dave P

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