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Apocalypse Bug Out

Apocalypse Bug Out

When the sky is falling, make sure you’re prepared! For the purposes of this exercise we will suppose the only option is to bug out. This is not always the best option, but when the zombie hoards have overrun your defenses this may be your best bet.

Being mobile in an emergency situation is a tricky thing. There are several important variables in the survival equation that must be considered. Depending on the climate you live in and time of year, this task may end up being either extremely difficult or damn near impossible.

Mobility will be key! Pack light, but covering your bases will be the balance. You will want some kind of portable shelter like a quality tarp with steaks. Some strong bank line that you can reuse, water filtration device, fire starting implements and tinder, a good bushcraft knife and sharpening stone, a wool blanket and some high calorie meal replacement bars will all be a good idea.

When it comes to personal protection, avoidance will be the name of the game. A .22 rifle and accompanying .22 handgun will be a great choice. They are lightweight and you can carry a good deal of ammo. This will be great for small game, isn’t very loud so it won’t attract unwanted attention and in a worst case scenario, can be used defensively. Good luck!

Dave P

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