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How To Teach Someone To Shoot Who Never Shot Before

How To Teach Someone To Shoot Who Never Shot Before

If you find yourself in a position where someone expresses interest in shooting when they have never done this before, you have a responsibility to make the experience both enjoyable and safe. Firearms can be a very intimidating thing, especially if you have never been around them. We recall a story about taking a girlfriend to the range for the first time. The man sent a few rounds down range, turned around to let his girlfriend try only to find her in tears right out of the gates.

If you have the opportunity to introduce a novice to firearms, make sure to create the most comfortable situation you can. If you have a private outdoor range, this is the spot! But. most will end up at the local range. Make sure to warn the newbie about the noise and the visceral experience of being around indoor gunfire. It can be startling when unexpected.

Two extremely important variables in this equation are choice of round and firearm. The last thing you want to do is hand someone who has never shot before a 12 Gauge shotgun with three inch magnum slugs. Ease them in with a .22 or 9mm at the most. Letting them know the four cardinal rules of firearm handling and range etiquette are equally important. Don’t hand them a full magazine the first few runs. Just have one round they need to put into battery and shoot. Then, if there is any panic after firing, at least the gun will be empty.

Take this responsibility seriously. Make sure the fundamentals of gun safety are alway practiced. You are setting the tone for the rest of this person's interactions with firearms, so get them off on the right foot!

Dave P

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