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Honor The Fallen

Honor The Fallen

Today we honor those who gave everything in the defense of our freedom. Many people say, “Happy Memorial Day” but this seems to downplay the sacrifice of far too many. It sometimes feels like this country takes for granted its freedom. The freedom afforded by those brave men who laid down their lives to protect it.

Global politics are surely complicated. Well past the paygrade of this writer. Decisions are made to send men to war who have no clue why they are going other than to defend freedom. The public may not always recognize or agree with these reasons, but these brave soldiers aren’t given a choice. They took an oath to defend this country and they take that seriously.

We look back in time today at all the brave men and women who gave everything so we could be here. Comfortable in our lives, in our freedom. We should all stop for a moment and put down the plate of food at the BBQ you are hosting and pay a little respect to those who came before us. Those who left everything behind to be sent off into foreign lands never to return.

We thank all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We thank their families and loved ones who lost them, as well. Freedom is not free, as the old saying goes. It takes sacrifice from those willing to die for their country. So today we honor and mourn the U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Dave P

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