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Top 5 Adult Sitcoms To Binge

Top 5 Adult Sitcoms To Binge

We like our comedy lowbrow. Life is serious enough. The low hanging fruit that would make grandma blush is always a winner in our book. Stop trying to impress us. Just make us laugh so we can temporarily forget the entire world is on fire, circling the bowl to inevitable doom. It is within this casual mindset we set our recommendations of the Top 5 Adult Sitcoms to binge.

  1. Archer: This show has it all! Sex, excitement, action and booze. Follow Sterling Archer, a womanizing alcoholic international spy as he drinks and screws his way through life in the most majestic way. 
  2. The League: A group of friends all participate in a fantasy football league who's trophy is named after a girl they went to highschool with - The Shiva! Highlighted by Taco, Dirty Randy ( Played by Seth Rogan) and Rafi, this comedy will not disappoint.
  3. Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The classic tale of degenerate bar owners who drink too much, yell too much and generally fail at life. Their antics admittedly get a little stale in the later seasons and the show seems to have jumped that proverbial shark, but this is still very much worth the watch.
  4. Workaholics: Three roommates who all work the same deadend telemarketing job and never seem to really get anywhere in life. Too much booze and chasing skirt they never seem to catch leaves them broke and hysterically clueless.
  5. The Trailer Park Boys: This Canadian sitcom set in, you guessed it, a trailer park follows a group of lovable criminals through their ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, failure after failure. 


Now, book some quality time on that couch of yours next weekend and tear into some episodes of these underrated gems! We know you’ll be glad you did. You’re welcome…

Dave P

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