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An Honest Days Work

An Honest Days Work

We live in a something for nothing kinda world. People seem to try to do as little as possible and reap the greatest rewards. We go to get a coffee, walk up to the counter, place our order and the server hands us our order expecting a tip. Sorry, for what? Handing us the coffee that is your job to hand us? The participation awards are being handed out for little to no effort and our country grows weaker by the second.

Not everyone is physically cut out for manual labor. Not everyone has the skill set to run heavy machinery. Not everyone has the access to the education needed to build a skyscraper. But, damn… This country seems to be circling the bowl and the only ones willing to fight for it are those who have worked hard to build it. The contributors. The givers not the takers. Proud blue collar families who stand for what this country was built upon. 


We aren’t telling you to stop tipping your barista specifically. That was just an example of this strange new(er) mentality. It’s just really hard not to notice the expectations of this entitled culture that has sprouted up. Just pour our coffee and hand it to us. We will pay what it costs and likely still tip you. But, we won’t like it and we will certainly not ignore the utter absurdity of the entire transaction. We can maybe understand the small mom and pop coffee shop employee getting a few tips. But, when six-bucks is being charged for a cup of corporate joe and the punk who didn’t even make eye contact because it would implode their safe space flips the Ipad around and says, “There’s just a quick question it’ll ask you” the answer is we’d rather find a mom and pop shop…

Dave P

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