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Now That The Dust Has Settled: Debate 2024

Now That The Dust Has Settled: Debate 2024

There were an incredible amount of things that were quite unusual about this debate. It was held prior to the convention, which made this the earliest presidential debate in history. There were commercial breaks, no audience and cutoffs on the mics. This was clearly teed up to benefit one of the candidates over the other.

Despite all the preparation and a week's seclusion at Camp David, we all saw the inevitable. Stumbling to finish sentences, losing train of thought, mumbling and general blaise. There is clear evidence of cognitive decline. The alarm bells were blaring and warning flags flying high. Moments where eyes looked closed, voice was weak, staring off into nowhere seemed to be perhaps the final nail in the coffin.

On the other side of the fence was an uncharacteristically reserved candidate. Of course jabs were thrown, but there seemed to be more verbal and emotional control than we are used to seeing. There was plenty of self-patting on the back, as we have come to expect. But, this was a different man than we are used to seeing in the past. 

So, where do we go from here? This debate made a lot of things clear to a lot of people. All signs point to the incumbent being replaced. But, that can only happen if he agrees to it. Is it time for him to gracefully accept the reality of his situation? If so, who do you think will fill the vacancy?

Dave P

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