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Freedom For Safety

Freedom For Safety

Would you trade freedom for safety? The kicker is that very freedom you may be willing to trade is exactly what is keeping you safe in the first place. We have all been hypnotized at one point or another by the media. The fear narrative is all over the news. Be afraid of everything! Your friends and family can not save you and you certainly can’t save yourself. Only those running the show can offer any relief from the fear.

Do you believe that giving up your freedoms in the name of safety will work? Will relinquishing your God given rights make the world a better place? Probably not. As the world grows, so does the desire of those in charge to remove any doubt of their power over you. The need to make decisions for you and for what is “best” for society now becomes agenda based rather than having anything to do with public safety.

We feel every person has the right to lead their own lives. To forge the future they want through honest hard work. Nothing should be handed to you. You certainly shouldn’t compromise your freedoms to make anyone else feel safe. Personal responsibility is lost when decisions are taken out of your hands. Acting on emotion never gets anyone to a better place. 

We all need to stop giving away our freedom so recklessly. The founding principles of this great nation are slowly being degraded and future generations are walking around with amnesia regarding what this great country actually stands for.

Dave P

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