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Can You Outdrink A Leprechaun?

Can You Outdrink A Leprechaun?

The legendary diminutive supernatural being of Irish folklore has many powers, but is outdrinking you one of them? These little guys have a few legs up when it comes to a drinking contest. Not only are they some kind of mythical creature, but they also seem to be immortal, so they have been drinking for a long time. This is going to build up their tolerance and choosing whiskey will definitely give them the home court advantage.

So, what strategies can be implemented to gain an advantage? Despite Leprechauns being magical characters, they have a few weaknesses. They don’t like four leaf clovers, so we would run out immediately and get the stereotypical Irish logo tattooed all over your body. They are also very preoccupied with that pesky pot of gold they are constantly guarding. It seems to be their life blood and destroying it will destroy them, but seriously… Who’s gonna want to destroy a giant pot of gold? Clearly, this option is out.

It seems your best bet in trying to defeat a Leprechaun in a drinking contest is sheer willpower. Pony up with a full belly of Chipotle and glazed donuts and let ‘er rip. Shot for shot against the little bastard. You will have body weight on your side, as their tiny stature will eventually catch up with them. That’s when you strike the fatal blow! Switch to tequila shots. This will completely throw the Leprechaun off its game. You are now in the driver's seat. You may be blind stinking drunk, but that minuscule cereal box muppet will be in the corner puking his little guts out and you will be victorious. Then, steal his gold and live out your days in luxury! May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more… Sláinte!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Y’all! 

Dave P

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