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Top 5 Bigfoot Hunting Guns

Top 5 Bigfoot Hunting Guns

Regardless of what side of the “Is Bigfoot Real” fence you’re grazing on, we can all agree hunting this big bastard would be a challenge of world class proportions.

But, for this article we need to establish some guidelines. There are several scenarios you can find yourself in where the Bigfoot threat would need to be effectively neutralized. For the sake of argument, let’s say you weren’t out pick flowers when you randomly had your encounter. That off the table and if the accounts are at all accurate, you’d be dealing with a beast that is 8-10 feet tall weighing 800-1000 lbs. Basically a bipedal grizzly bear with agility and intelligence.

This will require some serious firepower and some specific conditions to be met.

  1.     Portability: You will, no doubt, need to cover some ground looking for the world champion of hide and seek. So, having the necessary firepower in an easy to lug around package will be key.
  2.     Stopping Power: There are several calibers that would fit the bill here, but at the end of the day, you want that trophy to still be recognizable and not just a steaming pile of ground meat… So, let’s rule out those Barrett’s.
  3.     Resistant To Harsh Weather Conditions: You will be spending days, if not weeks scouring the forest for this elusive beast. Your firearm needs to be able to stand up to these conditions without fail.
  4.     Follow-Up Shots: These are going to count. Clearly a bolt-action can be ruled out, no matter how Lee Harvey you’re feeling. The semi-auto’s are king for this monster hunt exercise!

Okay… Now that we have established our parameters, here is our top 5 picks.

  1.     FN SCAR 17 Heavy 7.62X51
  2.     Daniel Defense DD5 V3 7.62X51
  3.     Smith & Wesson M&P10 6.5 Creedmoor
  4.     Remington 750 30-06
  5.     Springfield SOCOM16 7.62X51

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Our choice: Springfield M1A SOCOM16. This baby is just heavy enough and has a proprietary muzzle break to reduce muzzle rise for quick follow up shots, synthetic stock for all weather conditions, 20 round magazines and is chambered in a real thumper caliber - 7.62X51. It’s reliable, battle proven and worst case, the steel butt plate could crack a skull. Slap an EOTECH 512 on the scout rail and mount a sling and you’re ready to track down the stink beast himself. But, we will still have an FN 510 Tactical 10mm at our side with 200 grain hard cast ammo, just in case…

Dave P.

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